"Abhi Publications is a fast growing International academic Publisher. We invite you to join as Editor or Editor in Chief for exiting or new proposed journals, contact with Managing Editor at managingeditor@abhipublications.org".

Welcome to Abhi Publication

ABHI Publications is a privately owned publishing company dedicated to the global dissemination of information. Our registered office is in Kolkata and Corporate office in New Delhi, India. We acquire, develop, market, and distribute knowledge by disseminating scholarly and professional materials throughout the world. All of journals published by us maintain the highest standards of quality, with Editorial Boards composed of scholars from around the world. We got established in the year 2013 and prior to that we are in this line for 5 years. ABHI Publication House is a fast growing international academic publisher that publishes:
International Journal  of Pharmacy and Engineering (IJPE)
        in the fields of all parts of Pharmacy and Engineering. Our journals would be an asset to any institution's science-engineering library. Our journals are international base. The quality of the people who freely give their time and effort to the journals, as editors, editorial board members and contributors, bears witness to the high esteem the journals are held in, in some circles. Of course, all content is fully refereed. The journals are well-established, properly organized and meet researchers' needs.

We are the official suppliers of journals to a colleges and universities in all parts of India and abroad. At this beginning stage we are publisher of one international peer-reviewed research journal i.e. IJPE. We intend to publish journals necessary for all subjects in near future.

The Silent feature of our journals under ABHI Publications:

  • The editorial board of our journals is worldwide.
  • The papers published in our journals are from highest author in the field of knowledge in the world.
  • The subscribers of our journals are spread all over the world.
The aim of publishing company (ABHI Publications):
  • To encourage the Researchers.
  • To provide a stage for Researcher.
  • To benefits the Students, Researcher, Scientist, Industries, Government Sector, and Research Laboratories.


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