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International Journal of Pharmacy and Engineering (IJPE) is an open access journal which provides an easy access to the published article, incrementing the citations and thereby increasing impact of your research.


Objective of the Journal

The objective of International Journal of Pharmacy and Engineering is to provide a world class platform in Pharmaceutical and Engineering Sciences. A broad vision of this quarterly journal is to serve as an interface between the pharmaceutical manufacturing aspects in addition to the scaling up technologies.

Editorial Policy: The journal will entertain publications under the following categories

a) original research articles/notes

b) invited reviews (including Mini reviews),

c) editorial commentary and news.

The superseding criteria for publication include  originality, quality and present day significance of the disclosure. Authors are required to furnish sufficient details of the experiments to enable lucid reproduction. The manuscripts must contain original research work and the used data may not be published anywhere else except in academic dissertations and posters. In case some published data is to be incorporated in the manuscript for completeness, it is the responsibility of the authors to take prior permission for the use of the data from the relevant authorities. The authors must make sure that the manuscript completely conforms to the manuscript style.

Aims and Scope of the Journal

Ø  International Journal of Pharmacy and Engineering (IJPE) presents papers which describe innovative research spanning around the physical, chemical and engineering aspects of pharmaceutical sciences. Papers incorporating the concepts of physical pharmacy, novel biocompatible materials, drug delivery technology and devices as applied in drugs and pharmaceuticals, engineered delivery design, scaling up and pharmaceutical process engineering in addition to tissue engineering and molecular imaging are  welcome  for publications nin this journal. IJPE is a quarterly publication and the target audience and contributors will comprise key personnel from academic, research and pharmaceutical cum related industry. The journal will be a forum for in-depth discussion to promote novel technologies and avant-garde solutions to meet the emerging challenges in the fields of engineering sciences and/or pharmaceuticals.

Current emphasis of the journal will primarily include:

Ø  pharmaceutical process and product development

Ø  micro/nano scaling of drug candidates or drug carrier systems

Ø  regulatory issues pertaining to drug delivery including micro- and nano-drug delivery systems

Ø  toxicity evaluation  of novel drug delivery based products

Ø  pharmaceutical biotechnology

Ø  pre-clinical and clinical drug evaluation

Ø  pharmaceutical analysis

Ø  new drug discovery

Ø  research related to various aspects of herbal drugs

Ø  nutraceuticals and probiotics


Original research articles that are interdisciplinary in nature and incorporate the disciplines of physical/chemical/engineering sciences interrelated with the disciplines of molecular and human biology are also within the scope of this journal.

Scientific commentaries and review articles are generally by invitation but any proposals are welcome to be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief for prior approval. Proceedings of scientific meetings may be published as special issues or supplements to the Journal. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are only accepted on the understanding that:

(a) they are subject to editorial review (generally by two independent referees);

(b) they have not been, and will not be, published in whole or in part in any other journal;

(c) the recommended guidelines for the use of experimental animals and human subjects have been adhered to and approved by an appropriate Institutional agency.


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